Guide to install vsftp on Ubuntu Server on Windows Azure
June 7, 2013 – 11:50 pm | 10 Comments

Once you install a Linux box on Azure you will want some way to send files to and from it. There are plenty of options but one way is to use plain old FTP. The …

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Tic Tac Toe in 2 lines of C# code
June 14, 2013 – 9:11 pm | 2 Comments
Tic Tac Toe in 2 lines of C# code

For fun I have been trying to see how compact I could write a game of TicTacToe. I started with an old version I had wrote a while back that was about 60 lines and …

How to use operators in a C# method using generics without constraints.
June 5, 2013 – 11:51 pm | 55 Comments

I have run into the problem many times of needing to use simple arithmetic operators such as plus ‘+’ or greater than ‘>’ in a generic function in C#. Take for instance a simple addition …

How-To Start iTunes as a Windows service
October 1, 2009 – 6:57 am | 38 Comments
How-To Start iTunes as a Windows service

Update 28/11/09
Download the application from here
I recently got around to getting an iPhone 3GS which hasn’t left my hand since. Being a gadget freak I cannot help but be in awe at the amount of …